Mezzaro Wall Hanging, c. 1840, with Brilliant Colors • Palampore

A lovely large Mezzaro wall hanging, c. 1840, typical of Genoa, early 19th Century.  Having classic palampore motif of a mound and try of life densely loaded with flowers and birds in an exotic taste, framed by a large flowered border of peonies, roses, and carnations on branches with peacocks, insects, butterflies and birds.  138” x 67” 

 Hanging in two strips of cotton sewn before printing on a wooden board in eight colors, mauve, red, yellow, blue, black, wine red, pink, brown and a green obtained by superimposing blue and painted yellow. Model and manufacture not identified because only an export stamp in one corner indicates "Registered". However, this very flowery model with a high polychrome density can be compared to the production of Bovet of Neuchâtel in Switzerland which had an operation in Genoa to supply the Italian market (see pages 161,162 of the book Made in Neuchâtel, deux siècle d'Allemandes 2019 ). Also note the possibility of French production in Franche-Comté with the Méquillet-Noblot Manufacture in Héricourt which offered Mezzaro different from Genovese production as is the case here.


Height  138"
Width 67"